Shangaan Amethyst Crystal
Shangaan Amethyst Crystal
Shangaan Amethyst Crystal
Shangaan Amethyst Crystal
Shangaan Amethyst Crystal

    Shangaan Amethyst Crystal


      SHANGAAN AMETHYST are diverse mixtures of amethyst, clear and smokey quartz. They show sceptres, elestial formations, enhydros and mystery within their beautiful forms. 

      Because they are so new, not much has been written about the Shangaan Amethyst. Here is what some prominent crystalologists had to say about the metaphysical aspects of this beautiful and mysterious stone:

      Frances Kline, noted crystal guru and spiritual engineer says, "Our initial experience of the energy of these incredible all-healer stones coming out of Zimbabwe has been nothing short of amazing. The minute we held them in our hands we were pretty blown away at how powerful they are! Shangaan Smoky Amethyst stones are very quickly absorbed into one’s energy system activating every chakra as it explosively removes blockages wherever they occur. The rush of energy they provide feels like magma overwhelming everything in its path. The presence of Amethyst and Smoky Quartz in these stones acts like a bridge between the upper and lower energy centers, allowing the manifestation of high spiritual ideals in the lower physical worlds. These stones emanate levels of love and joy we’ve rarely experienced."

      Hank Mason, a noted crystal expert , says: 

      -These are the stones of Feminine Power and Might, representing and depicting the feminine powers of the Universal Life Force.

      -The Shangaan Elestial Smoky Amethyst are among the most Yin power of all quartz crystals. They the matriarch stone, the Queen Stone, and the symbol of feminine domination.

      - These crystals are best used as personal talismans for women who are building self-confidence, and personal power. If you are starting a business, starting a career, or have a new leadership position, one of these special Shangaan Elestial Smoky Amethysts will focus and amplify your natural leadership qualities.

      Learn more about the discovery of Shangaan Amethyst here

      These crystals were purchased directly from the distributor for the Chibuko Mine in Mateke Hills, Zimbabwe