Self Love Ritual Bath Soak
Self Love Ritual Bath Soak
Self Love Ritual Bath Soak
Self Love Ritual Bath Soak
Self Love Ritual Bath Soak

    Self Love Ritual Bath Soak


      Elevate Your Self-Love with Our Enchanting Bath Soak

      A Spiritual and Healing Bath Experience

      Unlock the Power of Self-Love: Embrace Your Uniqueness

      Welcome to a world where self-love is more than just a fleeting feeling—it's a profound spiritual and mental practice that connects you with your highest self, reminding you of the incredible individual you truly are. Our enchanting bath soak is meticulously crafted to elevate your personal self-love practice, allowing you to embrace both your strengths and weaknesses with compassion. Say goodbye to fixating on faults and hello to a life centered in purpose and values.


      Indulge in Self-Love Rituals

      The Magic of Hand-Selected Herbs

      SELF LOVE Ritual Bath Soak is no ordinary product; it's a testament to the power of nature's healing properties. Each herb is carefully hand-selected for its unique benefits, meticulously chosen to elevate your self-love journey. Picture yourself in a luxurious bath, surrounded by the invigorating aroma of fresh lemons, revitalizing your spirit with every breath. Meanwhile, the delicate scent of beautiful roses embraces you, guiding you into a state of tranquility and well-being. It's a sensory journey like no other, leaving you refreshed and deeply connected with your self-love practice.


      The Power of Compassion: Center Your Life Purpose and Values

      Your Path to Self-Love: A Healing Journey with Rose Quartz

      Compassion is the key to unlocking the full potential of self-love. Our bath soak infuses your self-love practice with a profound sense of compassion, guiding you towards centeredness in life purpose and values. You'll find yourself exuding kindness and understanding not just towards others, but towards yourself as well. This transformative experience will leave you feeling truly empowered and aligned. Indulge in a bath experience that goes beyond the physical, as it touches the depths of your soul. SELF LOVE Ritual Bath Soak is infused with the loving energy of Rose Quartz Crystals, amplifying the healing power of self-love within you. Feel the gentle energy of Rose Quartz enveloping you as you bathe, promoting self-acceptance and fostering a deeper connection to your inner self.



      10 oz // One 4" x 6" reusable cotton muslin bag included

      INGREDIENTS: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Ground Oats, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Dandelion Leaf, Witch Hazel, Tulsi, Rose Petals, a special blend of essential oils, love + intention

      We believe in responsible and eco-conscious practices. Our product packaging is made from sustainable rice paper with an air-tight resealable zipper, ensuring the preservation of the product's freshness. We strive to make choices that benefit both you and the environment, so you can enjoy your luxurious bath without compromising on sustainability.


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