The Magic of Moon Phases: Understanding Their Influence on Our Lives

by Monta Greenfield on February 04, 2023
Let's talk about Moon Phases

Let's talk moon phases, baby!

The moon has held a certain fascination for humanity for centuries. Of particular interest has been the question of how the phases of the Moon itself affect our lives and behavior.

Whether we’re aware of all the waxing and waning crescents or not, the moon’s monthly journey affects our personalities, our outlooks, and our lives. By becoming familiar of the moon’s four main phases, we can awaken a new understanding of ourselves and it's power.

Why does the moon have such a strong influence?

We already know that as the closest astronomical body to us, the Moon's movement across the sky controls the tides of the ocean. We also know that our physical bodies are made up of 60% water. Since our body is mostly water, it makes sense that moon phases would have powerful influence over our physical bodies much in the same way it affects our ocean tides.

The Moon goes through a complete cycle every 29.5 days, during which it passes through 8 phases, each of which has a unique energy and meaning.  By becoming aware of the moon’s four main phases, we can awaken a new understanding of ourselves and its power.

Read on for a breakdown of the astrological meaning of the four main phases of the moon, how they affect us and how to work with their energy. To make your own moon map, check out our moon calendar to find out when the lunar phases are slated to occur.

New Moon

New Moon

During the New Moon, the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun so we cannot see it from the Earth. The new moon is associated with new beginnings, spiritual growth, and renewal. It's a time for reflection and meditation, as well as a time to set intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle. On the new moon, it is believed that our spiritual energy is at its highest, allowing us to connect more easily with our higher selves and manifest our dreams. Many spiritual traditions honor the new moon by using it to create rituals and ceremonies that focus on gratitude and abundance, as well as releasing what no longer serves us. It is also a great time to cleanse the energy of our homes and ourselves, as the new moon brings with it a fresh start.

Create a New Moon Ritual:


 First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon

During the First Quarter Moon, exactly half of the Moon is illuminated, and we start to feel a call to action and decision making in implementing our New Moon intentions. Use the phase’s momentum to overcome any resistance we may face along the way. We can add and change things that need tweaking with our New Moon intentions. Keep your intentions in mind and make decisions that will keep you on the path towards achieving your desires. Keeping a to-do list or journal will allow you to have a physical representation of your intentions.

Tools to help you work with the First Quarter Moon:


Full Moon

Full Moon over mountain range

Enter the Full Moon. This luminary occurs when the earth finds itself between the sun and the moon, illuminating everything including our intuition. The Full Moon’s glow allows us to view situations and relationships from a clearer perspective. Having light shed over our entire world allows us to see what is working and what might not be working so well making this a perfect time for letting go and releasing. Quit habits, leave situations or relationships behind, and focus on healing. Emotions tend to be more intense during this phase so don't be surprised if you find yourself seeking balance.

Many believe that rituals performed under the full moon can be more powerful and effective than any other lunar phase. Popular rituals include charging crystals and taking a relaxing bath to unwind and be in flow with the universe. However you chose to harness the power of the Full Moon, be prepared and open to receiving new opportunities and abundance.

Recommendations for a Full Moon Ritual:


Last Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon in a blue sky

The Last Quarter Moon (or Third Quarter Moon) is seen as a time to look back and reflect on the past, to consider our progress and our goals. It is a time to let go of old patterns and prepare for changes to come as the lunar cycle winds down. Purge any anger or grudges that may have developed during this last cycle to receive the benefits of the new intentions we are about to set. Cord cutting rituals surrounding habits can have effective results if done during this lunar phase. This is an excellent time to clear out our houses, too! Get rid of anything that no longer serves - physically and energetically.

Tools for cleansing rituals:

Now that we’ve completed the whole lunar cycle, look back at the highs and lows of the past weeks to understand the lessons that the moon has brought to our attention. We've traveled across various emotional states in the same way the Moon travels around the Earth. The more we track the moon the more attuned we become to the ways in which each phase affects us. With that awareness. we become masters of harnessing their energies. 

Under the guidance of the Moon, we open ourselves to receive abundant and profound insight and gain spiritual direction.

Happy Moon tracking, witches! xoxo


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