Harness the Shadow of the Full Moon in Gemini: A Guide to Personal Growth

by Monta Greenfield on December 06, 2022
Full Moon in Gemini

I hate to be the one to break it to you but Wednesday's Full Moon in Gemini is going to be a bit on the chaotic side. Happening at 9:08 MST, this lunation occurs right next to Mars, the planet of aggression and violence, which means it will amplify the message that Mars, currently in  retrograte, has been making so much so that even hybernating with your head under the covers won't prevent you from hearing it. Gemini is the sign that is associated with communication, discourse and the exchange of ideas. Add the two together and it can become a big ol' mess if you're not careful.

This moon will illuminate issues and disagreements that need attention. It will come with a fair share of charged debate and heightened irritability. I suggest laying low, staying grounded, hydrated and remembering that what you say, and how you say it, matters and can't be taken back once spoken.

How do we work with this energy?

Gemini Twins

Full Moons are a time of release and provide opportunity to engage with the challenges from our shadow selves. The twins of Gemini initiates a convergence between the two parts of ourselves, our awareness (ego) and shadow (the depths).

Our shadow holds everything about ourselves that we are ashamed of or don't want to see. Our fear that because we haven't found our "soulmate" that we are unlovable, our anger that our lives aren't as perfect as others' seem to be, our negative body image and self talk. The shadow is where all of that lives.

Working with the Gemini Full Moon is the time to sit quietly within the depths, make friends with our fears and transform our shame and anger. This is where we find our power. When we stop running from those parts of ourselves deemed "damaged" or "broken" and we find a way to embrace them, we emerge from the shadows stronger having broken down the wall of fear that had us trapped.

Ritual Suggestions

Journaling in Book of Shadows

Shadow work is a very contemplative and slow process. It doesn't require a lot of outside action because all the work is being done internally. This is a time to brush up on our divination skills and listen for the messages that come to us from between the veil. Here are a couple of ways I suggest you can do that:
  • Pull some tarot or oracle cards and see what messages you receive.
  • Find out what house Gemini occupies in your astrology chart. This is the energy of the Full Moon might activate for you. (Get your free astrology chart here).
  • Channel your spirit guides through meditation and journal anything that comes up.
  • Turn off all outside noise and take a nice, hot, candle light ritual bath. My Release, Calm and Full Moon Ritual Bath Soaks are perfect for shadow work. 
Whatever you decide to do, make sure to push yourself only as far as you can. If you are digging deep and come to a point where you can't go any further, honor that space, stay there and just listen. You've reached the exact point you are supposed to be at. That's were the lesson lies.

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